19 Easy DIY Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Hey, we’ve all been there — buying cheap store-bought Valentines at the drugstore the night before the big exchange at school. 😮  Do what you gotta do, mama!  However, just in case you’re feeling aspirational this year 😉, we’ve scoured the web and rounded up our favorite DIY Valentine’s card ideas for kids — with an emphasis on the easy and/or candy-free (however, we did make exceptions for a few candy ideas that were simply too cute to resist!).   Most of these would work great for not only for classmates and teachers, but also family members (e.g. Dad or Grandma)!

1. Robot Valentines

Beep beep! These adorable robots are so cute that they just might melt the mini-chocolates cleverly wrapped up within their torsos!  You could also do a candy-free version if your school requires it. (via Lisa Storms)

2. Shaving Cream Valentines

Your kid’s classmates will have as much fun playing with these as you two will have making them!  In addition to the shaving cream and food coloring, you’ll need blank photo frame cards and some little baggies, so order a few days ahead. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

3. For Crayon Out Loud


Recycled crayon hearts are not only super fun to write with, but also to make! The main thing you need to need to make them, besides a bunch of crayons in complementary colors, is a silicone heart mold. (via Chef Messy)

4. Invisible Ink Valentines


If you’re making a card for an adult (for example, Dad or Grandma), up the fun quotient by helping your child to write the message in invisible ink (a.k.a. lemon juice)!  Just remember to add a note instructing the recipient to hold it over a heat source to reveal the message (or they’ll probably be pretty confused!). (via Minieco)

5. Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp

Even young toddlers should be able to execute this super easy cardboard roll heart stamp technique.  All you need is a blank card or piece of paper, a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll, and paint. (via Tinkerlab)

6. Hearts in a Halfshell


This free printable will allow you and your TMNT fan to render the world’s most fearsome fighting team in adorable heart shapes using construction paper in no time flat. (via Housing a Forest)

7. Color Your Heart Out


This free printable provides a fun V-day coloring activity for the recipients.  Just few a couple crayons (these 4″ width cellophane bags will fit a standard-size crayon perfectly) and you’re good to go! (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

8. The Force is Strong With These Cards

Star Wars… you may have heard of it? (ha) If your kid is as obsessed with that faraway galaxy as mine is, you might as well go with it and earn some major Mom points.  Out of the many Star Wars Valentines out there, this free printable from Yellow Bliss Road is our favorite. (via Yellow Bliss Road)

Here are a few others worth checking as well: A Few Short Cutsstitch/craftWit and Wander, and Krafty Mama.  Also, here some glow sticks (a.k.a. light sabers) that you can affix for a fun finishing touch if you like

9. Be My Valen-slime


This super-fun looking play-slime (a non-toxic concoction made of metamucil and water) from stitch/craft is sure to be a hit with toddlers and preschoolers alike.  The post contains a link to the slime recipe and a printable for the card. (via stitch/craft)

10. Heart-shaped Animals


You can’t get any cuter than a heart-shaped animal, and the photo above should give you plenty of ideas to get you and your child started!  Challenge your child to incorporate as many heart shapes as possible! (via Coupons Are Great)

11. Printable Joke Notes

These cheesy joke Valentines are perfect for preschoolers and grade school age kids with evolving senses of humor.  A free printable is provided, so all you have to do is locate some cardstock and hit PRINT! (via All for the Boys)

12. Felt bookmarks

We love bookmarks as Valentine’s gifts because they continue to get used long after V-day is over!  And, the recipients will think of your child every time they use them. 🙂 These little felt-adorned paperclip versions are cute and easy, and if the heart shape doesn’t float your child’s, you can substitute pretty much any shape he can dream up. These would also be great for adult recipients (e.g. grandparents)! (via Thirty Handmade Days)

13. Superhero Lollipops


Caught empty handed the night before the class Valentine’s exchange?  The free printable for this masked crusader is ready to save the day!  You just need lollipops and some cardstock to get the job done. (via ZakkaLife)

14. I Wheelie Like You


Can’t get much easier than a matchbox car in a bag!  And there’s even a free printable for the bag topper. (via Thirty Handmade Days)

15. Fortune Teller Valentines


Remember these bad boys?!  We loved them, and your kid (and his classmates) is sure to too.  There’s a free printable for the fortune teller, and the folding activity is something your preschooler can actually help out with! (via DesignMom)

16. Have a Ball


Another winner in the “super last minute, low effort” category is the bouncy ball treat bag. Here are links to bouncy ball and treat bag supplies.  A printable is available for the bag topper. (via dixie delights)

17. Fridge Magnets


For older kid and adult recipients (to whom you’re not concerned about giving magnets…), we love these adorable DIY salt dough fridge magnets.  As an alternative to the art shown, you can also consider using heart cookie cutters, or do any other shape that captures your child’s imagination! The author’s salt dough recipe is here.  Here are also some magnets that you can affix to the back. (via Red Ted Art)

18. Newspaper Hearts


If you’ve got time for an extended art project with your child, consider these stunning watercolor-on-newsprint cards.  They make a gorgeous alternative to cheap store-bought Valentines.  For a special gift, you could even frame one for Daddy or Grandma. (via Artbar)

19. Fishbowl Valentine


With its cute pun and tasty, non-candy treats, this clever project checks all the boxes for a successful Valentine. A free printable is available for the background note. (via The Gracious Wife)

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